PSP Phone! (Well, not really…)

PSP Phone! (Well, not really...)

Although it's a good attempt, and no it's not a mockup image either, the "Anycall Dual Blonde" is a hybrid clone handset that is an odd mix of technologies – and, as Mobile Mentalism say, a walking lawsuit.

Anycall is a trademark of Samsung, who use the brand name in its native Korean market. It's not a Samsung phone, though. On the back, it has PSP emblazoned in bold letters – but it's not a Sony Ericsson phone. It even comes with 11 preinstalled Nintendo NES games, but it has nothing to do with Nintendo.

In fact, it's one enormous law-suit-baiting clone phone whose manufacturers have seemingly pinched every hyped-up brand name they could think of and plastered them all over this phone in an effort to shift as many units as possible. Even the "Windows Mobile" bit is fake, with a ripped off Windows Mobile UI!

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  1. muhabbet Says:

    wowwww beatifull mobile phone !.

  2. Adnan Says:

    This is not going to come out. FAKE

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