UK Department of Health Wants All Patients Tagged

The BBC's Caroline Parkinson reports on an RFID trial at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, where patients wear RFID-tagged wristbands that carry full information regarding the care they're receving. "The tags mean any member of staff caring for that patient can read the tag details using a PDA to check they are treating the right person," Parkinson […] Continue reading →

Give Seniors a Break

When I first qualified as a "senior" I hated the word. It was demeaning, suggestive of an old geezer whose bones were falling apart. Hardly descriptive of a guy who speed-walked every day and still flew light aircraft. Then I discovered the many price discounts available and humbly requested a "senior discount, please!" I'm still […] Continue reading →

This Alligator Bites

While driving through Victoria, BC, today, I had my first glimpse of a Porsche Cayman S. To my eyes it looked exactly like a coupe version of the Boxster. Porsche hates it when journalists write those words but our friends at felt exactly the same when they tested one. Nevertheless it was a rave […] Continue reading →

The Trouble With FMC

Telecommunications Online today looks at a serious problem with FMC (fixed-mobile convergence) GSM/Wi-Fi handsets: their batteries drain very, very fast. Netcentrex VP Erik Larsson says, "You need standby time of at least a day, but what we're getting at the moment is under four hours. We reckon it's going to take about six months for […] Continue reading →

Global Accessories Benefit Others

When I shop, it's always to make me feel better and it's good to know that others will enjoy the look or have something interesting to look at. An added bonus is when it means something for the good of others. This doesn't always happen; however, when it does – you know that I have […] Continue reading →

New Sensor Prototype For Diganosing Fetal Hypoxia

This entry is submitted by Gloria Gamat, via Creative Reporter.Fetal hypoxia is dangerous situation in the birth process when the unborn child's brain is starved of oxygen. Current tests for this condition require lab analysis of blood samples that could lead to delays, leaving doctors to decide in favor of proceeding with a cesarean section […] Continue reading →

Feel better with Urban Tool

Gizmag presents Urban Tool with some pictures. Urban Tool is from Vienna and I had the chance to test one of their products, the Sport Holster. Let's start with Gizmag: We really like this idea – for the next decade at least, we'll have lots of gadgets to carry and this body-hugging holster concept appears […] Continue reading →

Ellen DeGeneres Auctions Wine

The Oscars are only, what, like a week away now? That means there's still plenty of time for companies to give goodies away to stars and get those last minute promotions in there of their products, including Sterling Vineyards who will auction off monster bottle of Chardonnay signed by comedian Ellen DeGeneres. From a company […] Continue reading →

Wireless Music Player

There are three two ways of having things of your own: buying, doing it yourself, or stealing. Usually, you opt for buying because there's a lack of technical knowledge among other things but this time it's different. Nathan True will be your mentor for this project, and as he says there are some reasons why […] Continue reading →

Fabulous Diva in Red

I love this bag from Cole Haan which is entitled the 'lily Croc Frame Bag'. Saturday afternoons are meant for two things, running errands and having a relaxing first day off of work. Essentially, you should be able to relax and browse through emails you have yet to read and more. Fortunately, I found that […] Continue reading →