$12 Handsets Coming To India

$12 Handsets Coming To India

From The Business Standard, we get word that Reliance, a network operator in India, is looking to launch an Internet-enabled handset for 480 Rupees, or $12 U.S.. To put this in perspective, the cheapest handset with Internet access available in India costs 1,400 Rupees, or about $35 U.S..

Many people would look at that and go "hey, wait, I can get a handset for free." Little do you realize that the handset is subsidized by requiring a two-year (or longer) contract. You can subsidize a handset with a contract, but when the true cost of the handset is only a few dollars, why bother?

It does beg the question, though, what does Internet cost on a mobile handset in India? I wonder if it costs more than the handset costs? I was trying to wade through the Reliance website and got lost. Can anyone that has an idea leave a comment?

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14 Responses to “$12 Handsets Coming To India”

  1. jeev Says:

    abt the internet charges on mobile, on airtel you get a unlimited plan on gprs for rs 140 per week. reliance services are under customer scanner – they are oversubscribed at places – performs better in smaller cities. pune condition is hopeless. bangalore surfing on weekends is painful, though weekdays the speed is ok. remember, i am talking only of browsing speed – download speed through mobile is not great. but the spread of internet thru mobile phone is awesome.

  2. Dameon D. Welch-Abernathy Says:

    Rs 140 a week isn’t bad. I would imagine some areas would be
    oversubscribed in India, given the sheer number of people. At least
    the price is reasonable.

  3. James C Says:

    Are the phones generally cheaper in india anyway? i.e. would a same model phone in the UK be more expensive…

  4. Dilip Kumar Says:

    Yes ofcourse, the prices of mobile in India is cheaper than U.S and U.K

    Take a look at the prices of Nokia N95
    at circuitcity and univercell (chennai basd chain retailer).



    The US price is $699. And Indian price in terms of dollars is around $576.

    I never ask my friend who visits US to buy a cell phone.

  5. Vijay Says:

    I use a service with Airtel that costs be Rs. 399 (approx $10) per month (I think theres a limit on the download but I’m not sure).

    Speed is ok but nothing to make it a good browsing experience. Mainly use it for email.

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