2007: Year of Mobile Games?

PocketGamer (via Moconews) have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why 2007 will be the year for mobile games. Reading through the list throws up some interesting points:

1: Advertising Supported Games
This is already happening, with services like Pitch offering Free Games and other mobile content downloads based on an advertising-supported model (Disclosure: I work for Pitch), although having a single game solely supported by advertising will be an interesting experiment.

6: More crossover with Web and online gaming
Well, it's about time. This is something I've been going on about for years, and I really think this is one of the major opportunities that has been missed.

10: More camera and LBS games
I think I'll have to disagree here, although I do expect there to be some camera games. Personally I'd love to see something like MogiMogi released in the UK. This has to be one of the most exciting multiplayer mobile games I have ever seen, but with the cost of each location-based query still costing in excess of 25p gross (meaning at least 50p or more to the consumer!), no game can make decent use of location-based services in the UK.

I did spend a lot of time looking onto launching something similar to MogiMogi in the UK, but outside the major cities the only way to do location-based is via the various carriers, where the cost is far too prohibitive. Obtaining a cellphone's location using cell tower lookup is possible, but you're limited in the handsets which support it, and getting the actual physical locations of each of the cell towers is almost impossible.

It will be interesting to see how many of these predictions come true over the coming year.

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3 Responses to “2007: Year of Mobile Games?”

  1. Ronny Says:

    Yes. this year will give many mobile games to us and it is not bad.

  2. Pola Says:

    Nice for uor 07.

  3. Adam Jaylin Says:

    Yep.. Games in Mobile Phones are getting more and more popular.

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