911 Service To Accept Text Messages

911 Service To Accept Text Messages

Well it's often said trends of today become the norm of tomorrow and there's no further proof than An emergency call center in Waterloo, Iowa, became the first in the country to accept "911" emergency text messages and even reply back, too.

While the move may seem frivolous and even foolish since typing a text message typically takes longer than making a call, there is no denying that wireless users these days often prefer texting to talking on their cell phones. Not to mention 911 texting is aimed at helping the deaf, who have had to rely on more cumbersome methods for aid.

The service is also useful in emergencies involving instances where the victim is hiding and doesn't want to be heard.

However, texting to 911 does come with some notable drawbacks namely in the form of dispatch not being able to pinpoint the texter's location as has been the standard with 911 phone calls for some time now.

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