Apple’s New Operating System Arrives

Apple's New Operating System Arrives

Much to the delight of users world wide, Apple today released its iOS4 mobile operating system for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch, available for download from the iTunes software.

The company says the new iOS4 operating system allows users to run more than one program at once, offers a unified inbox to see all emails in one list and "smart" folders to group apps by topic.

It also supports iBooks, Apple's e-reading software, which lets customers buy an e-book online and read it on the device.
The company released iTunes 9.2 with new features, mostly for compatibility with the new iPhone 4.

Apple says iOS4 is free for all compatible devices, and can be updated through iTunes 9.2.

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  1. Directory Says:

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It allows users to run more than one program at once. That means it has a nice memory. Cant be dual core ?

  2. Eliza - LCD Says:

    I like the post with such a nice material which is much informative. thank you for the information you provided. thanks

  3. Cell Phones Directory Says:

    It sounds awesome that new Operating System for Apple products is now available for their users this new OS will help to run more than one programs at once, this OS will also increase the efficiency with accuracy.

  4. The Mobile Review Says:

    A great phone, just hope Apple can sort out the signal problem! Other than that, it this phone will be hard to beat in today’s market

  5. Wholesale Says:

    Yeah this phone is just a gadget and it is the most advanced operating system i have ever seen in the cell phones

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