Back Ache- There’s Even an App for That!

Back Ache- There's Even an App for That!

Just when you thought there was an App for everything under the sun, Smart Health Software (SHS) comes along and proves that there was one particular demographic yet awaiting a little App-love. No small niche' market this, either as more than 25 million people worldwide suffer from back pain and approximately 80 percent of Americans will be affected at some point in their lives!

Enter Pain Free Back, the first interactive app designed to provide individuals with a diagnosis and treatment for lower back pain. This application leads sufferers through a personalized, guided discovery of potential causes of their pain and demonstrates simple and effective exercises to help relieve discomfort and improve spinal health.

Though Pain Free Back will provide users with the resources they need to determine most cases of lower back pain, it is also designed with the users' safety in mind. On occasions where symptoms are so severe that the mobility tests elicit considerable discomfort, Pain Free Back advises them to stop immediately and consult with their physician.

Pain Free Back is available for immediate download in the iTunes application store for $4.99. For more information about Pain Free Back, click here.

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