Cell Phones as a Learning Tool

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A number of teachers are adding cell phone features to their online classes. Today's cell phones can do more than store numbers and play games. Many students receive online class updates via programs like Twitter. Here are a few other ways the Teach 42 blog suggests phones can be used:

"1) Check the spelling/definition of a word

2) Research a topic

3) Look up reference images

4) Pull up maps (even with satellite imagery)

5) Document a science lab with built in digital camera/video

6) Fact check on the fly

7) Mail questions to the teacher that they might be embarrassed to ask"

Phones don't have to be a distraction – if used wisely they can actually be a learning tool. Take a look at the full post for other ways today's students are using their cell phones.

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2 Responses to “Cell Phones as a Learning Tool”

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