Cell Phones Could Change the Face of Real Estate

Cell Phones Could Change the Face of Real Estate

The benefits of mobile technology are apparent in nearly all facets of society and if Software Advice's Chris Thorman's prediction proves correct, it could very well change the way real estate transactions are done as well.

Through the combination of geo-fencing, mobile phones and GPS technology, real estate and property management companies capitalize on business that may otherwise slip through the cracks. Imagine if a potential property buyer simply created an alert based on square footage, number of bedrooms, pet friendliness, special amenities, and zip code, to name just a few of the myriad of options available. All they would have to do is carry their phone with them to receive notifications that match their criteria.

While we don't suspect this unique use of mobile marketing will be installed in every real estate and property management office tomorrow, the technology all exists right now to make this happen.

To read more, check out his post on the subject by clicking here.

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    The mobile and computer has come up with some great features which could help the businesses reach new heights and the Real Estate industry is also making use of the new technologies.

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    Voda – Spiga ??

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