Dark Night Edition 6205 Beats Standard Edition on Verizon


Taking a cue from the Tony Hawk inspired Sidekick, Nokia fired off a new 6205 handset themed on the upcoming (July 18) Batman film. With a two-year contract agreement, the handset will set you back a mere $69.99.

The features of Nokia 6205 The Dark Knight include a 2 inch internal display with 262K colors and 176 x 220 pixels, VZ Navigator, access to V CAST Music and V CAST Video, Bluetooth, Web capabilities, a 1.3 Megapixel camera, 58MB of internal memory and microSD card support. Also, and in sticking with the cool Bat-theme, the clamshell comes in a mysterious black color with Dark Knight content like a Bat emblem, Joker playing card, wallpapers, animated screensavers, voice tones and a full movie trailer. Sweet!

As for the standard (non-Batman edition) Nokia 6205, Verizon will not release these until late July (after the Dark Knight film) is released so even those who may not be interested in the Batman customization still have much to be excited about with the 6205 Dark Knight edition. The unit is shipping now but can only be ordered through Verizon's official website.

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  1. Bernard Lavilliers Says:

    He seemed to me that one and the same model as Nokia 6131, but the description at all that!

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