Easter Surprise – Win a Moto RAZR

Easter Surprise - Win a Moto RAZR

Good news – you can win a Motorola RAZR V3 (locked to T-Mobile) if you take part in our contest.

All you have to do is to invest about 3 minutes of your time and answer our 15-question survey. What do you like about the Mobile Weblog? Do we miss something?
What can we improve here?

Your responses will help us a lot in building a better blog that caters exactly to your needs. We will select the lucky winner from all survey takers in this category – good chances to snatch a free Motorola RAZR V3!

To start the survey, just click here. We'll pick a random e-mail from all the responses we'll receive.

Some terms:
* Please only fill out the survey once
* Fill out the complete survey
* Don't forget to fill in your name and address at the end
* All countries are eligible, we also bear shipping but no customs
* The contest will run 'till the end of April

There are polls running for each blog category with different prizes, and you can enter any, or all of them, but only once in each category.

Thanks, and hey, this ain't no April Fool's joke!. We will keep our fingers crossed, that you are one of the happy winners!

Your Creative Weblogging Team

More information about this prize:
Official Product Page | Review at The Gadgeteer | PCMag Review

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12 Responses to “Easter Surprise – Win a Moto RAZR”

  1. Farzaan Says:


  2. Antony Says:

    Long live mobile weblog

  3. Jim Scout Says:

    I want the marble white one, its so nice

  4. anyely Says:

    dame 4 celular razer v3

  5. desa Says:

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  6. nevernight Says:

    i really need a new phone!

  7. PetalandChicken Says:

    The keypad on this model is great, easy to use, see and to text on! I need an upgrade from my pebl!

  8. lisa botfield Says:

    would love to win as my old mobile finally died a death in December and no amount of care will revive it!

  9. madkatie Says:

    i would love a new mobile phone mother of 6 never gets chance for any thing nice while the kiund

  10. * Donate car Says:

    I love this phone ever since it came out on the market. It’s so slim and functional, too bad i can’t afford it yet.I envy the lucky owners of this mobile.

  11. ashok kumar giri Says:

    nice nd nice

  12. 3.co.uk Says:

    i remember having a motorola mobile phone when they were first launched, the controls were quite confusing, since then i sticked with nokias due to their easy to use interfaces.

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