Finding San Francisco Apartments With My iPhone

San Francisco by night
© Franco Folini

Have you ever been apartment hunting in a city you didn't know well?

I spent a few days looking at San Francisco Apartments a couple of weeks ago. My wife and I are at a place in our life where we could move if we wanted to and we've both always like the idea of living in San Francisco.

I've got a pretty good cell phone (an iPhone, actually) and it was pretty handy that week. I'd booked a motel that promised me Internet access, but my laptop kept losing their signal, so I had to rely on my phone a lot. I used it to surf real estate websites. I used it to get driving directions in San Francisco. I used it to call or email real estate agents and set up times to see apartments. And (perhaps most importantly) I used it to take photos of the places I looked at (and I emailed those pics back to my wife).

I used to think of living in San Francisco as a dream. Now my dream may be about to come true.

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