Google Voice Comes to iPhone Regardless of Apple’s Feelings

Google Voice Comes to iPhone Regardless of Apple's Feelings

Google went ahead and unveiled a new version of its Google Voice application for the iPhone, without the prior approval of Apple.

Google said it revised its Voice software so that consumers could access it through the smartphone's Web browser, unlike most iPhone apps that need to be downloaded and installed directly.

The new Web app allows customers to make cheap long-distance calls over the Internet, bypassing traditional cellular networks, and includes an alternative on-screen dialing pad and the ability to listen to voicemail from the browser.

For those who haven't been keeping up on the subject, this past July Google accused Apple of blocking its Voice software from being distributed through its app store, prompting the Federal Communications Commission to launch an inquiry into the matter. This latest news means Google has devised a means of cutting Apple out of the loop entirely.

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  1. Ann Julie Says:

    Google is just showing Apple that it has much more competent software professionals by cutting Apple out of the loop.

    Anyways, Google voice is a fine product indeed and SKYPE should look at this development seriously.

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