HTC Has Its Sights Set On 2010

HTC Has Its Sights Set On 2010

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has had much to celebrate as we wrap up the final weeks of 2009. This year alone the company has released five Android-equipped handsets and its next converged device, the Nexus One, is already among the most anticipated devices of 2010.

The Nexus One is to be Google's first proprietarily branded phone. First rumors suggested that it would be strictly an unlocked device that Google would sell directly to customers. Nevertheless, Google's been talking with the big carriers (T-Mobile in particular) in consideration of going about sales the "traditional" United States way.

Rumors have suggested the device could be launched by Google as early as January, but there's also speculation that the Nexus One/Google phone could just be a test bed for working out the bugs in the latest Android platform. Only time will tell.

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