iPhone 4 Launch Hours Away but AT&T’s Inventory Remains Doubtful

iPhone 4 Launch Hours Away but AT&T's Inventory Remains Doubtful

So with only a few hours to go before the much-anticipated release of the Apple iPhone 4, it appears having the cash handy and the willingness to commit to a wireless service contract may not be enough.

According to AT&T, due to inventory issues, it won't have any devices available for purchase at its stores until five days after the official release on Thursday.

The company also said that customers who preordered the iPhone 4 should receive home and business deliveries beginning at the end of the week. But new buyers will have to wait until at least July 14 for backorders to clear up.

While it is still unclear what kind of inventory shortage is resulting only AT&T being unable to stock new iPhones in stores, Apple said its retailers would still sell the device on Thursday, as would Wal-Mart, Best Buy and RadioShack. But they also added that units are likely to be in short supply/ first come, first serve basis.

The issue highlights how hard it has become for phone makers to predict demand for new products. They depend on a number of parts from separate suppliers and often have difficulties beefing up production when a shortage does happen.

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