Mobile Opportunities: London

Platinum value reader (sorry, stole the joke James) Ben Godfrey sent us this precis of Mobile Opportunities, an event held about 10 days back at Simmons and Simmons in London. I recommend a read through of Ben's blogging of the event.

Interesting tidbits include Tony Fish on coming innovations:

"The key thread was the long tail, he expects to see the mobile space transition from a small number of providers trying to create mass-market killer apps, to many small organisations creating thousands of niche apps. Currently, this raises the so-called "developer's dilemma," the network equipment, middleware, terminal equipment and service provision are disparate and hard for a single small developer to unite.

Some of the key principles of Mobile Web 2.0, on top of those that are accepted components of Normal Web 2.0:

  • Pocketability, portability, passion
  • Individual requirements (identity, location)
  • Awareness
  • Access (no one cares which platform, just that they have one)"

And Alan Moore on future value propositions:

"Digital brands are life-simplifying, life-enabling and navigational. Communities have transitioned from very fixed and rigid, created by state, religion, geography, to being very fluid and flexible, made up of highly-empowered individuals, individuals who the curators of the content they consume. The product-consumption machines of the post-war era have given way to individuals who value life and experience, self-determination, in the post-modern age. Internet, mobile and especially Web 2.0 fit the needs of those individuals better."

I encourage those of you who are blogging a particular event to send the link along. How else are we all going to be everywhere at once, learning from everyone?

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