Monitor Home Security on Your Cell Phone

Is she safe at home?

If I could monitor my home security with my cell phone while I was away from home, it would often help me relax and have fun when I was out on the town. But I've always assumed that it was impossible (or at least very expensive).

Surprise! I discovered recently that you can use your cell phone to monitor what's happening when you're not at home. And it's not that expensive.

How important is that? If it's just your empty house (with your valuables and perhaps a pet at home alone) security is a comfort issue. You want to know that when you get home you'll find a welcoming, safe place to relax. But if you're out of the town and you've left a teenager or two at home, suddenly home security becomes more about protecting your loved ones than about protecting some jewelry. And maybe it gives you a way to monitor their behavior, too…

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  1. kent Says:

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