Motorola Seeks Retribution Against RIM through the ITC

Motorola Seeks Retribution Against RIM through the ITC

Never let it be said that the wireless industry isn't a cutthroat operation. The latest word coming in is that Motorola has issue with Research in Motion (RIM; maker of the popular Blackberry line of handsets).

Motorola has filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission accusing Research in Motion of infringing on several of its patents. While the ITC doesn't have the power to award monetary compensation, it can impose bans on products shipped into the United States (usually resulting in relatively quick settlements).

Motorola says simply blocking the importation of RIM handsets to the US will be enough to satisfy them after failing to come to terms on a licensing agreement with RIM over patents on Wi-Fi access, user interface and power management.

Interestingly, this news comes after the two companies were unable to settle in a courtroom or through negotiations, which have been ongoing since 2008.

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