New App Turns Smartphones into Mobile Office PCs

New App Turns Smartphones into Mobile Office PCs

Ever wonder just how "smart" your smart phone is when it comes equipped with only reader versions of your favorite office apps and then has trouble syncing up with your desktop? You are not alone as indicated by a new app called Nice Office CRM that helps business professionals stay in sync while working remotely by turning any BlackBerry or Windows Mobile smart phone into a fully-functional office with seamless desktop synchronization.

Nice Office CRM empowers businesspeople by integrating the on-the-move mobile device with a web-based CRM application and Microsoft Outlook to create a single, unified office solution. With it users can manage email, calendars, contacts and tasks and transfer internal and customer-facing documents instantly, directly from a mobile phone no matter where it (and you) might be.

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  1. Nokia Mobile Phone Directory Says:

    Nice Office CRM is definitely not for me. Want to feel relaxed outside office. SO thank you developers on wasting your valuable time.

    Ann Julie.

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