Nokia Tops Moto Again – In Theft

Nokia Tops Moto Again - In Theft

Nokia remains atop Motorola in more than one category. Not content to be the best selling mobiles on the planet, they are also the most stolen in the UK, according to new statistics.

Researchers at Loughborough University delved into crime reports and compiled a list of the most-nicked handsets, and the Nokia 6230 came out tops, ahead of the Samsung D500. Moto with its chav-magnet Razr came in third. The researchers did point out that the rankings could be affected by these handsets being among the biggest sellers.

In terms of overall brands stolen, the list runs (1) Nokia, (#topofpage) Samsung, (3) SonyEricsson, (4) Motorola.

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  1. Amidal Says:

    All I can say is that even though Samsung garnered the most attention, it looks like HTC will rake it in, thanks to Vodafone’s and Orange’s extensive reach as mobile service providers.

  2. Holmes Says:

    Not a surprise. But there are more expensive and interesting models then 6230

  3. Yura Says:

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  4. Isa_douce Says:

    Ca me tarde de me trouver un petit bout de virolo moi avec tout ?a.

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