Off to MCW Today

Off to MCW Today

I'm heading off to Mobile Content World shortly. I've only got a couple of hours to enjoy the show this year, so I'm skipping the seminars (and the conference portion of the event as well, even though there's what appear to be some really interesting seminars on mobile community today – my schedule just doesn't allow me to spend much time at the show this year – although I may be able to get down tomorrow as well) and heading for the exhibition instead, although reports from the show so far seem to indicate I'm not missing out on much…

To quote Jemima from Moconews:

I'll start with my traditional conference gripes. First off, I'm going to boycott conferences with no wireless network. Judging by the turnout here, other people have had the same idea. Secondly – no delegate list. Thirdly – everything ran late from the first session.

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  1. Seemy Says:

    I am off to Mobile Content World in London, leaving in a couple of hours :)

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