Payday Loans and Keeping my iPhone


When it first came out a while back I bought an Apple iPhone 3GS. It just seemed like the thing to do at the time (my wife says I'm a gadget addict). And I paid – well, we won't talk about that because it's a little embarrassing. Let's just say I paid too much.

I expected the iPhone 3GS to be a real step up from my old phone. I was disappointed. My call quality wasn't really any better and I still got the same sort of drop calls I'd always gotten. Worse still: no Flash, no USB transfer and storage, and no multitasking. I get a few more features and a little more speed, but that was about it.

Part of my problem was that I didn't actually pay for the phone to start with. I bought it on a payment plan and then couldn't keep up with the payments. I thought about just giving it back and then I realized what that would do to my credit score. I used payday loans to help me catch up on my payments and found a little overtime to pay those loans off. I hate to have to go that route, but at least it's an option when nothing else will work for me, financially.

Now I'm thinking about my next phone, hoping it's more of a step up…

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