Popular TV-Phone App Comes to the Android Marketplace

Popular TV-Phone App Comes to the Android Marketplace

Beginning today, QuickPlay's premium mobile TV service PrimeTime2Go will be available to Motorola customers in the U.S. via the Android Marketplace.

PrimeTime2Go will allow Motorola customers to watch their favorite shows from major networks and cable providers including ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, MTVN, PBS, Discovery Channel, USA and more.
The service includes the following features:

· Consumers can watch programs with a consistently high-quality picture on-demand or set their devices to automatically deliver full episodes of popular TV series soon after the original air date.
· Since programs are downloaded directly to the device subscribers can watch their selected program at anytime, offline or online.
· Using Wi-Fi, consumers can download selected programs in the background so they can continue to use other important features including email, phone and more.
· The service also features enhanced mobile DVR capabilities, with the ability to pause a program, exit the service and then resume viewing from where they left off. In the event a phone call is received during viewing, the service will automatically pause the show after which the viewer can resume the programs from where it was interrupted.
· Additionally, PrimeTime2Go includes fast-forward and rewind functionality.

PrimeTime2Go is available here for $9.99 per month (and yes, they accept PayPal).

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  1. Smartphones Directory Says:

    Needless to say that PrimeTime2Go would be an instant hit in a country where sports and international news is all that matters.

  2. Sohail Says:

    imobile.us is also offer free mobile applications

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