Rogers Wireless Finally Has Semi-Decent Data Plans


Rogers, the only GSM carrier in Canada at this writing, has finally rolled out something resembling a reasonable data plan (warning: PDF link). Granted, it starts at CAD $65 for 1 GB of data and works it's way up to CAD $100 for 5GB plus CAD $0.03 per MB over 5 GB. These prices are geared at data cards, not necessarily mobile handsets, but if you're a heavy data user on your handset, then you have an option at least.

On one hand, we can supposedly get unlimited data on our mobile handsets here in the U.S. for anywhere between USD $15 and USD $30, depending on the carrier and the specific type of handset. Unlimited data for data card devices ends up being about USD $60 a month. However, almost all the carriers think that unlimited means "less than 5 GB" and reserve the right to charge you more if you abuse it. At least Rogers is being honest about what their limits are.

Like the folks on Howard Forums, I tend to agree that there needs to be some lower tiers geared specifically for handsets. I also think their automatic "bumping up to the next tier" idea is one of the better ones I've seen in quite some time. Would love to see the carriers here have that model for both their voice and data plans.

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