Seen that? – Carnival of the Mobilists 13

Carnival of the Mobilists 13 The Mobile Technology Weblog

Seen that? - Carnival of the Mobilists 13

Week 13 of Carnival of the Mobilists is being hosted at There are quite a few new contributors this week, I'm delighted to see, so I've decided to look at them first in case you can't bear to read all the way to the end of long posts like this one (although you really should, as I'm saving my favourite until last).As usual there are a wide range of articles [...] Read More

Carnival of the Mobilists No. 31 The Mobile Technology Weblog

I know we are a couple of days Late, but it's summer, and the World Cup is on, and the pool isn't that crowded, and, well, it took a few days. But Carnival of the Mobilists 31 is in full effect over at All About Symbian. Which is ironic because the posts this week are not in fact all about Symbian. They are about: * Screwed up mobile content strategies * People [...] Read More

Carnival of the Mobilists No. 33 The Mobile Technology Weblog

Rudy at has taken up the baton for Carnival of the Mobilists No. 33. And CotM has gone all social on us this week, with great posts about Ringxiety, LBS and the family, Bluetooth and the gay social scene, mobile social media, and more. [...] Read More

Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago Hidden Travel Gems

When people think of Carnival, they think of Brazil. Rio's early February extravaganza beats all when it comes to spectacle and size. With all the press it gets, one might think that Brazil is the only place that holds such a celebration. However, Brazil is not the only place to experience carnival. Take Trinidad and Tobago, for example. The Caribbean nation has a history of celebrating Fat Tuesday that goes back [...] Read More

Carnival of bootstrappers BootStrapMe

Raj Dash has launched a Carnival of Bootstrappers on his evolving bootstrapping blog. The latest had nine interesting entries not all directly on the subject of bootstrap entrepreneurship but certainly all on subjects the prospective or active bootstrapper could relate to. They include: �¢ John Wesley's "21 Proven Tactics for Self and Employee Motivation" �¢ Warren Wong's "Be a Good Manager by Letting People Learn and Grow" �¢ Edith Yeung's "Your Worth More Than Your [...] Read More

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