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Pillow Talk at The Mobile Technology Weblog

Seen that? - Pillow Talk

Maintaining emotional connections over distances is hard, as anyone who has traveled or been away from a loved one for a long time can tell you. The current state of retail mobile technology and services allows us to stay in touch with voice, text, various types of emoticons and sounds.Lately, a number of design concepts have emerged around, of all things, the pillow. The lowly pillow is an interesting but [...] Read More

Near Field Communication: So Close, Yet So Far at The Mobile Technology Weblog

As an emerging technology deeply associated with "contactless mobile payments", Near Field Communication (NFC) remains far from consumers' reach, according to a new study from ABI Research. Ironically, the deterrents lie in its inherent complexity and lack of enthusiasm shown by mobile operators.ABI Research forecasts that by 2012, some 292 million handsets – just over 20 percent of the global mobile handset market – will ship with built in NFC [...] Read More

Cellity Communicator ushers in a new generation of communication applications at The Mobile Technology Weblog

Cellity today announced the beta release of addressbook 2.0 within the Cellity Communicator suite, putting contact data management in focus as the basis of all communication. Regardless of whether contact data comes from a cell phone address book or Outlook, from Twitter or a social network, all details are aggregated and kept up-to-date using a central interface. Accessible from cell phones or on the Web, the intelligent contact data manager [...] Read More

Pillow talk and insider trading at Sox First

What is it with insider trading? Why is there a spate of cases involving dirty trades and pillow talk?The Securities and Exchange Commission has so far filed seven insider trading cases against married couples this year. All sorts of reasons have been offered but the most obvious one is that with the rise of two-income couples, more people have access to information.So what's going on. It's not so much about [...] Read More

Gears of War – Emotional Trailer at XboxSpace

New Gears of War video…. I can't decide if this is cool or just really gay. [...] Read More

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