Seen that? – US Cell Phone Records for Sale

US Cell Phone Records for Sale at The Mobile Technology Weblog

Seen that? - US Cell Phone Records for Sale

The Washington Post covered the story last year, but the issue of cell phone records being for sale in the US keeps cropping up. The issue has come to light as Verizon have launched a civil suit on Florida against vendors selling information about Verizon subscribers, which Verizon claims were obtained fraudulently. Wired are currently running a story on the sale of cell phone records, and the tactics used to [...] Read More

New Mobile Browser Available Now at The Mobile Technology Weblog

With more and more mobile handsets coming equipped with internet browsing capabilities that rival yesteryear's laptop capabilities, the mobile web (scaled down & simplified versions of popular web sites) isn't cutting the proverbial mustard anymore. Opera Software today released its beta version of its Opera Mobile 9.5 software, which allows users to view entire web pages. With panning and zooming options, users are able to focus on specific page content. Opera also [...] Read More

T-Mobile Gets A Special Sidekick at The Mobile Technology Weblog

T-Mobile users have reason to celebrate, as they are recipients of the forthcoming Sidekick LX- Tony Hawk Edition. This new handset puts a personal design on the traditional Sidekick LX by crafting the scheme to look like the top of a skateboard while the bottom cover has a rough texture-like grip-tape and eight simulated screws. The shell will also bear the Tony's Hawk graphic. Aside from the physical, the LX [...] Read More

Belated Halloween Dear Readers! at The Smart PDA

Yes, Halloween was yesterday, but creepiness doesn't fall on a particular day. It is creepy that third parties can use your smartphone or PDA to keep tabs on where you are. In some jurisdictions, with the proper authorization, the system can compel your service provider to provide access to your call activity logs, SMS messages (which are archived in your provider's servers for a significant amount of time), and even telephone [...] Read More

I’m Just a (Cell Phone) Bill, Yes, I’m Only a (Cell Phone) Bill… at The Wireless Weblog

U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar and Jay Rockefeller today announced that they'll be introducing a bill on Friday called the Cellphone Consumer Empowerment Act, which aims to make it easier for consumers to manage their wireless services. "The bill has some ambitious goals," writes the Washington Post's Kim Hart. "It would require wireless carriers to pro-rate early termination fees (a practice already put in place by Verizon Wireless), as well as provide [...] Read More

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    Nokia not just for cell phone its part of lief.

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