Sony Ericsson X10 – the camera that’s a phone

Sony Ericsson X10 - the camera that's a phone

When is a mobile phone not a phone? When it's the Sony Ericsson X10! It's hard to believe that the first mobile phone I had also had a suitcase it could go in! And I actually felt cool walking around with it in the 90s. Briefcase in one hand, mobile phone case in the other. Ahh, those really were the days.

What we have in the X10 will fit in my pocket, my smallest pocket, and what it does is much more than make a simple phone call. Sony Ericsson have always delivered on the camera specs with their phones and this one is no exception. With an amazing 8.1 megs, this is one heck of a bundle of camera and is probably the only phone on the market with such high resolution. Coupled with the 4" screen you should be able to look at your images without having to pass the phone around from person to person. And yes, even though this is a tidy phone, the 4" screen is bigger than most and much appreciated by me. If this is too big for your hands head over to and get the X10 mini.

How often do we talk about mobile phones without talking about the phone capabilities? When we talk about the X10! This really is a smart phone. Listening to music is now a real experience because of the low-noise background. The sound is crystal clear. And yes, to mention the phone capability for a second, this low-noise makes conference call sound a dream.

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  1. Alex Sam Says:

    Sony Ericsson is one of the best brands of the world and they are introducing very high profile handset for executive consumers. This time they are coming with wonderful gadget that had been launched. This gadget ahs very terrific and elegant design and out standing features makes this device perfect for every one.

  2. John Williams Says:

    Does anyone know the difference between the Sony Ericsson X10 pro and the Sony Ericsson X10 mini? I just ordered the mini right here: , but im not to sure about my choice of phone. please help!

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