Sparkly New Ericsson Handset

Sparkly New Ericsson Handset

Oh, and it's also US$25,000…

Sony Ericsson have released a new 'Beauty Renaissance Collection' of their SO703i handset, and as part of the promotion created a one-off, not for sale version of the handset with a panel mounted with 6 diamonds, an emerald, a sapphire, and a ruby. The promotional handset is valued at a cool 3,000,000yen (about U$25,000), however the actual handsets, which feature a crystal version of the design pictured, will go on sale for just over US$110.

Via Esato and Mobile Mentalism.

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  1. Education Says:

    What are differences between promotional and serial model?

  2. santana Says:

    Sometimes ago, I heard about a mobile phone which actually costs around 25,000 USD having diamond, emerald and other precious stones and it was used by one of the renounced person…but can’t remember who was it. Anyways, nice posting. Thank you.

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