Study Says Mobile Browsers doing a lot of Socializing

Study Says Mobile Browsers doing a lot of Socializing

While we like to think that most smart phone users are involved in checking stock quotes, putting together Powerpoint presentations, and exchanging emails with the "higher ups", a new study concludes that mobile users are doing a whole lot socializing!

comScore, Inc., a company that measures activity in the digital world, released the results to its study on social networking access via mobile browsers.

The study found that 30.8 percent of smartphone users accessed social networking sites via their mobile browser in January 2010, up 8.3 points from 22.5 percent one year ago. Access to Facebook via mobile browser grew 112 percent in the past year, while Twitter experienced a 347-percent jump!

In January 2010, 25.1 million mobile users accessed Facebook via their mobile browser. MySpace attracted 11.4 million users (approximately half that of Facebook) while Twitter attracted 4.7 million mobile users in January.

Even more unbelievable is that these figures do not include access of the social networking services by the nearly 6 million mobile phone owners who do so through mobile applications.

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  1. Ann Julie Says:

    Social media is taking over everyone by storm. Facebook is an awesome product whose users are complete addicts of social media. Smartphones are being used everyday for twitter and facebook, even one of my friends also connects using his Nokia E71 very frequently. Recently you posted a blog here about federal regulators hoping to secure more wireless spectrum for advanced mobile services by actually offering to pay television broadcasters to give up their rights to airwaves because users of smartphones are using their high tech devices to connect to facebook ALOT.

  2. Renee Says:

    Good post,thanks for your excellent work!

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