T-Mobile US Partnering With Sony for PSP Wi-FI

T-Mobile US Partnering With Sony for PSP Wi-FI

According to Telephony Online, t-mobile and Sony are partnering to put software to access T-Mobile's hotspot network in the next firmware upgrade made available for the handheld media device. The move is geared at catching up with Nintendo's Wi-Fi network for the DS, and adding additional usage revenue to T-Mobile's bottom line. The network would presumably be used for head-to-head gaming.

The story says T-Mobile would offer six months free service to PSP owners who activate the service by March 2008, and would possibly offer a discounted monthly rate after the free period expires.

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  1. ellen Says:

    I am waiting for the next generation of PSP to come out becfore i shell out the cash for one today. I think they are way over priced and can not wait till all gaming providers come out with a next generation mobile gaming device, one that projects a screen would be a big seller in my opinoon

  2. rabi Says:

    itz nice..

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