Toshiba Developing “Virtual Assistant” Cell Technology

Toshiba Developing Virtual Assistant Cell Technology

Until now getting emotional has pretty much ruined your reputation only among fellow human beings, but according to reports coming out of Japan, Toshiba is in development of a new cellular technology that may have your phone worrying about your well being as well.

This new app would enable cellphones to "predict" the user's actions based on behavioral patterns monitored by such programs as the Global Positioning System.

The technology would also draw on acceleration sensors that detect the handsets' movements, such as rocking and shaking.
Practical you wonder? Well, for example, cellphones with the technology could automatically display flight schedules for the nearest airport when you leave the house in the morning. And it can also recommend places to eat when you leave the office for lunch.

Users would imprint their lifestyle patterns into the cellphones by simply carrying the handsets in their pockets or bags.

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  1. Ann Julie Says:

    This is awesome to say the least but I don’t think it can give an accurate information even if it knows your lifestyle as no machine in this world can ever judge a human being’s MOOD SWINGS, TRUST ME ON THIS ONE.

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