Verizon Droid Not Synonymous with Motorola

Verizon Droid Not Synonymous with Motorola

Everyone's seen those catchy Motorola "Droid" commercials over the holiday season, but did you realize that there was a cheaper Droid alternative available on the market from HTC?

Called the Droid Eris, HTC's unit comes in a more reasonable $99 with service.

With a touch screen and a physical form that's actually narrower but every bit as thin as the latest iPhone, the Droid Eris doesn't sacrifice the good stuff to meet its low price point.

Running Google's Android operating system, the Droid Eris comes standard with an 8 GB memory card with the capacity of a 16 GB upgrade.

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    Does anybody knows a droid app where I can take a picture of my text message??? #Hekp

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