Visual Voicemail Service Available Now

Visual Voicemail Service Available Now

In my last post, I discussed the potential of Verizon's new Voyager phone that will bring visual voicemail to the masses. It turns out this concept is already alive and well through a service called PhoneTag. The concept is simple: Those of us who would rather skip long, drawn-out voice messages by reading them instead of listening to them can have PhoneTag automatically transcribe voicemail to text and best of all this one works with all major U.S. carriers (including Verizon) and offers up unlimited voicemail storage.

PhoneTag's platform automatically converts voice messages to text and delivers them to customers via email and/or SMS text. The message also includes an attached audio file of the original message and can be accessed through PhoneTag's user platform.

The service allows the user to scroll through their messages without having to listening to each individually. All pertinent information is recorded in the email, which means it's searchable, achievable, and easily accessible. Users can forward, delete or respond to the voicemail message.

The service, available now, is $9.95/month for 40 messages.

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