The Best Cell Phone Plans in the UK

The Best Cell Phone Plans in the UK

There are a lot of great cell phone plans to choose from in the UK today. In fact, you will be faced with so many choices that it can seem a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, there are a few of them that really do stand out amongst the crowd.


Paybox's service plan is very reasonable and there are even a lot of great features included within this service. This cell phone company got its start in Germany but it soon became so successful that it decided to open up some branches in the U.K. as well. While this is still a relatively new company, they do offer an excellent product at a really low price.


Another cell phone carrier that you should look into is Virgin. They have a lot of great service plans, some of which even include free calls to other people who use Virgin. This cell phone company actually has the lowest rates in the U.K. – something that has been verified by a lot of different market surveys. Unlike with some other cell phone companies, you can rest assured that your rates will not be increased as you go along.

Action Cellular

You should also make sure to check out Action Cellular. This cell phone company offers really low rates on the service plans that they have available. There are also a great variety of cell phones and service plans to choose from here. You can even rent a phone for international use if you need to do so.

A Final Word On Finding The Best Cell Phone For You

These are just some of the most inexpensive service plans. You still need to keep your eyes open for new companies that come onto the scene. Usually these companies will offer some very competitive rates too.

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