There are alternatives to mobile phone contracts


If you have bad credit and assume you can't upgrade your phone due to the requirements for mobile phone contracts, have you considered getting yourself a pay-as-you-go phone?

Of course, if you can get a phone with a contract, you will find some amazing free gifts waiting for you. If you are looking for extra cash consider the Nokia C3 and its £250 cash back. Now that will cover some holiday credit card payments.

Let's face it, if what you want is a just reliable phone and you don't plan on using all the features that come with it, you have the freedom to buy your phone based on the free gifts. Think about how much money you can save by getting a phone and also an LCD TV that you need?

Dial-a-phone make it easy because you can search for your phone based on the free products that are available. No hype, no pressure, choose between a TV, laptop, notebook, camcorder, gaming machines and cash.

Photo source Adrian Purser

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