Asus & Garmin’s Joint Smartphone Taking Preorders

Asus & Garmin's Joint Smartphone Taking Preorders

When you think of Garmin, GPS tech should come to mind. Asus hopes that's the case as they have recently partnered with Garmin on a jointly designed smartphone equipped with Garmin's mobile device tracking technology and running Windows Mobile 6.5.3.

The unit is already appearing on websites for pre-order at a cost of roughly $435.

The partnership between Asus and Garmin is expected to continue to flourish in upcoming months, as rumors are circulating about several possible joint venture Android-powered smartphones set for release later this year. Experts and google itself are speculating that 2010 may well be the year that Android comes into its own against intense OS competition in the form of Apple, RIM, and Windows Mobile.

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  1. Don Says:

    well I usually get my unlock codes here but I don’t see this in their list or anywhere else.
    who will be distributing this phone? or will it ship unlocked?

  2. Ann Julie Says:

    Asus and Garmin are looking to compete with the best I think. This partnership will certainly give us a new giant mobile industry like Sony-Ericsson, I hope.

  3. kompresor Says:


  4. vidali kompresor Says:

    great phone

  5. Vidali Kompresor Says:

    thx for the info about the phone

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