Is the white iPhone 4 coming or not??

If you do use the Apple Store app, you might have noticed that the white iPhone 4 recently made an appearance in the upgraded version.

However, if you tried reserving a unit, you cannot do so.



Here Comes The Windows Phone 7

Tomorrow (October 11), Microsoft is introducing its new Windows Phone 7 smartphone platform in an all-day press event in New York City.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega…


Sprint to Receive New Motorola Windows Business Phone

Sprint has confirmed that it will launch the Motorola ES400, a new Windows Mobile 6.5 device, for business customers in September.

The handset maker said the ES400 will be a rugged design, and wi…


iPhone 4 without the ‘G’

Apple has surpassed all expectations once again with the iphone 4. No, that's is not a typo, mistakenly called the 4G, this iphone isn't exactly 4G but nobody seems to really care. What it del…


Call India on Samsung Galaxy S using India Calling Card

Check this, the latest Galaxy S from Samsung which is a touchscreen phone flaunting the new Super AMOLED technology. It comes with a Super AMOLED touchscreen display which is thinner than traditional …


LG Television Handset Coming To AT&T

AT&T's latest move could put television-ready cell phones into the hands of the masses. Teaming up with LG, the Arena is their latest touch screen handset designed to stream full-length tele…


Google Wants a Piece of Facebook’s Market

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Asus & Garmin’s Joint Smartphone Taking Preorders

When you think of Garmin, GPS tech should come to mind. Asus hopes that's the case as they have recently partnered with Garmin on a jointly designed smartphone equipped with Garmin's mobile …


LG Chocolate 3 Hits Stores

Although overshadowed by the much-publicized release of the Apple iPhone G3, this weekend also witnessed the launch of the new LG Chocolate 3 (on the Verizon network).

The third generation Chocolate…


Nokia To Purchase Symbian, Create Symbian Foundation

The logos you see above are the founding members of the Symbian Foundation, which Nokia will create after it completes the outright purchase of Symbian. Nokia already owns a controlling interest in …