AT&T Offers Unlimited Prepaid Data


In what I believe is a first for the U.S. market, Phone News is reporting that AT&T is now offering unlimited MEdia Net access on their pay as you go prepaid plans for $20 every month. AT&T had been offering this service as part of their "Pick Your Plan" prepaid plans, which look like conventional post-paid plans without a contract, but that meant paying at least $50 a month just to use unlimited data.

The only thing even close to this is T-Mobile prepaid Sidekick plan, but it only works with the Sidekick and costs more ($30/mo). With AT&T's unlimited MEdia Net, you can use any unlocked GSM phone for $20 a month with no requirement for voice service.

In order to get this service, you must call 611 and request the unlimited MEdia Net add-on be added to your account. The add-on is good for 30 days.

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3 Responses to “AT&T Offers Unlimited Prepaid Data”

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  2. Matt Says:

    is the AT&T offer a one month special? You mention good for one month, what happens after that?

  3. Dameon Welch-Abernathy Says:

    After 30 days, you revert back to per-KB pricing. You have to call back in and add the service to your account. I don’t think it auto-renews (though I haven’t checked).

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