Truphone Updates Nokia Client, Adds Anywhere Support

As another bay step on their plan towards world domination, Truphone has announced availability of their new 4.0 client for Nokia S60 devices, which allows you to make calls over WiFi or 3G at much le…

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No Shock Verizon Wireless Chose LiMo Over Android

Today I was catching up and listening to Alec Saunders' Squawk Box podcast when a bombshell was let loose-something that makes the news that Verizon Wireless chose LiMo over Google's Android m…

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More Bars In More Places-Except Where You Go

I have to laugh when I see commercials like this from AT&T-or any wireless carrier for that matter:

I can name at least a couple of places where I get zero bars on AT&T. And you know what? …

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Qwest To Resell Verizon Wireless Service

As I reported elsewhere, qwest is looking to get out of it's MVNO deal with Sprint. Instead, they will be simply reselling Verizon Wireless service. Qwest customers with more than one service will…

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AT&T Offers Unlimited Prepaid Data

In what I believe is a first for the U.S. market, Phone News is reporting that AT&T is now offering unlimited MEdia Net access on their pay as you go prepaid plans for $20 every month. AT&T ha…

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The Real Reason Behind the Unlimited Plans War

The war has begun! Aside from Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and AT&T have rolled out their unlimited monthly plans for voice and SMS. Together, these 3 major operators comprise about 65% of wireless…


Will Verizon Wireless’ Unlimited Plans Trigger Price War?

In an effort to strengthen its hold to high end users, verizon Wireless has rolled out unlimited voice and data plans known as Nationwide Unlimited Anytime Minute Plans. Thanks to Saunderslog.com, th…

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Is Customer Service in the Wireless Industry Improving?

As I was browsing my feeds, I chanced upon a press release from survey and professional services company Vocal Laboratories and its study of customer service quality among major wireless phone compan…


Wireless Service In Indonesia Compared To The U.S.

A reader sent me some information about mobile phone charges in Indonesia, which is the forth biggest country in terms of population, behind the U.S., India, and China. Quoting from my piece on phoneb…

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CTIA To US FCC: We’re #1!

The ctia, otherwise knows as the industry association representing the wireless carriers in the U.S., recently told the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that based on some key factors, the…

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