Blizzard Moving into Mobile

Blizzard, the company behind the extremely successful and popular MMORPG World of Warcraft is apparently moving into the mobile arena, with a number of mobile developer positions now being advertised on the company's website.

First is the Mobile Producer position. Blizzard noted that it needs an individual "with outstanding communication abilities to manage the process of bringing Blizzard-IP-related functions into the mobile space."

It also seems that it's making sure that this venture is going to be successful because, as the job posting reads, "experience working within the mobile development space is mandatory."

There's also a position for a Lead Mobile Software Designer and one of the required skills is a good understanding of web-related technologies, MIDP and CLDC development on the J2ME platform, WAP, and WML. Lastly, Blizzard is also in need of a Lead Mobile UI Designer who can "formulate the strategic design goals of Blizzard's mobile efforts."

Via and MocoNews.

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  1. MathiasTCK Says:

    First comment?

  2. Matt Kanninen Says:

    Are there any more details? It seems they have a mobile authenticator and an armory app?

  3. Dora Grewe Says:

    hello bros!! Huge site!

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