Free Broadband! In the Air…

Free Broadband! In the Air...

I reported earlier that Boeing plans to pull the plug on its in-flight broadband service, Connexion. At the time, there were rumors of another provider taking over the service.

This morning I got an e-mail in my inbox from Boeing, as a past user, giving the word on the company's actual plans for the service: Connexion will be shut down no later than the end of the year by participating airlines. In its FAQ attached to the mail was this question and answer:

"Will the service be taken over by another company? Will the service be provided by someone else?

The Connexion by Boeing service will discontinue. There are currently no plans to Transition the service to another provider."

Also sneakily slipped into the mail was one bit of good news: starting October 2 until each carrier unplugs its own service, Connexion will be free of charge. That's right – all you can eat broadband in the air on long -haul flights. And lucky me, I just happen to have a need to fly on a carrier that has the service!

So, if you are going airborne soon and want to stream big chunks of video, get yourself to a Connexion-ready flight.

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3 Responses to “Free Broadband! In the Air…”

  1. Rimmo Says:

    Who could think 10 years ago that everyone in a pocket will have both phone and the chamber still more many that.

  2. Span Says:

    Strange. Is there any reason why they closed project?

  3. Martin Geddes Says:

    Maybe Google should have bought it up, and then just stuff contextual adds for everything flight-related to the captive premium audience. On the duty-free cart now passing on your right you’ll find…

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