Free Wireless Internet Close To Becoming Reality


The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (Kevin Martin) announced yesterday a delay in the voting on his proposal to auction an unused piece of 25 megahertz wireless spectrum. The winning bidder would have to build out a free wireless braodband system to serve half of the U.S. population within four years and 95 percent within 10 years (while filtering out objectionable content). The auction winner would then be allowed to use the rest of the airwaves for commercial services.

The next meeting will take place on June 12th where the commission will resume the proposal prospect. The delay actually buys the FCC more time to investigate concerns expressed by many of the nation's top wireless service providers that use of the airwaves would interfere with their own portion of the wireless spectrum (that they acquired in another FCC auction in 2006). They recommend that this auction include additional measures to guard against such interference.

In the grander scheme of things, countless Americans eagerly anticipate the results of this auction as free broadband internet service without pornography would benefit everybody.

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16 Responses to “Free Wireless Internet Close To Becoming Reality”

  1. Andrey Says:


  2. Bernard Lavilliers Says:

    Well here while to speak that that early, we shall wait on June, 12th!

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  4. Henry Says:

    Waiting for the day but not holding my breath for it anytime soon in the small cities of the United States like my hometown.

  5. piyush k Says:

    I am eagerly waiting this wireless Internet broadband revolution in India too…

  6. piyush k Says:

    It wold be the wonder of the century after APPLE iPhone : )

  7. kartikshradha Says:

    WIRELESSS is the future of the future technology!

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