Free Call from PS3

Free Call from PS3

Startup global VoIP company, JAJAH, has added a "talk n play" element for all PlayStation 3 fanatics. Now, they can simultaneously (trash) talk to other gamers while playing their favorite games.

This is how it works: Users with Internet access enter on their PS3 Internet browser. They will then see an easy-to-use interface, where they enter their own phone number as well as the phone number of the person they are calling. By clicking the "Call" button, JAJAH initiates the call. In seconds, your normal phone (landline or mobile) will ring. At the same time, your friend's phone will ring. You both answer and talk.

This is a follow-up to PSP-JAJAH tandem. I guess the success of this venture might lead to something bigger, disrupting the standard definition of PSP (PlayStation Portable) to create a new one – PlayStationPhone.

Via MarketWire

| May 6th, 2007 | Posted in Device Evolution, Mobile Technologies |

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