The Need For Cloud Computing In A Mobile World

It seemed that, virtually, over night the word "cloud" found its way into the popular lexicon. More aptly put, "cloud computing" is likely to be the future of the web and mobile te…


Vonage Puts Traditional International Call Business On Hold

Earlier this month voice over IP mogul Vonage announced they will start offering unlimited international phone calls between forty nations starting at $54.99 a month. Needless to say this is a major u…


Minimizing Your Mobile Roaming Bill

No one likes to return home after a great overseas trip to find that they have a huge mobile roaming bill waiting for them. Unfortunately, this experience has happened to too many people, as they beco…


Introducing Android Tablets including the GALAXY Tab 10.1

The tablet personal computer is taking over as the latest kind of portable laptop device. They are trendier than the typical laptop because they are not only compact and lightweight. They also come wi…


Figuring Out How to Use Windows Phone 7 with O2 Gurus

Mobile phone technology is advancing all the time. It can be hard to keep up with the pace of development, especially for older people.

Getting your head around using a new mobile phone can be easy…


Ways to Find the Best Mobile Phone Deals

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Smartphones Like the Blackberry Torch Are Like Computers

Smartphones are a combination of both a PDA and a cell phone. Mobile technology has advanced so much in recent years, and now you can have your very own computer features on it with smartphones such a…


Mount Everest Is Getting 3G Service Very Soon!

Very soon, Mount Everest will no longer be the ultimate haven for those wanting to escape the connected world.

The wireless provider Ncell (owned by TeliaSonera) has successfully launched 3G servic…


Is the white iPhone 4 coming or not??

If you do use the Apple Store app, you might have noticed that the white iPhone 4 recently made an appearance in the upgraded version.

However, if you tried reserving a unit, you cannot do so.



Wireless Technologies Introduces The Powermat

Wireless technologies are getting better and better. The latest on the list is what is called the Powermat. It is a wireless product that will charge jut about most products. It is slim and can be lai…