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Are you on the Web? Where?

A presence on the Web has quickly become an essential part of professional life in many fields. Whether you're a doctor or a dance teacher, a lawyer or a locksmith – whether it's for business or for pleasure, people find you on the Web. can help increase your presence on the Web. It can help change the Internet from being about news and blogs to being about you and me. is an exciting site that points toward the future of the Internet and has profound potential for users interested in forming relationships and finding clients and customers in Cyberspace.

The Internet of yesterday with its stagnant pages filled with last week's news and gossip is being replaced by an interactive, social Internet that is about people instead of facts and figures. is part of a trend that is changing what the Internet is about. The Internet is becoming a place where people talk about you. And you can even help control what gets said because the site is a wiki; it lets you enter your own information. You can write about yourself, and about your friends and colleagues. You can comment on and contribute to the pages that other people have started. It's an interactive space focused on providing information about real people. People like you. After all, just because you're not Madonna or A-Rod, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be on the Web. is where the professional relationships start. Find yourself and find your friends at And if they're not there already, put them there…

Get Yourself Out There on the Web - with NetworkingForPros.Com
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