Telos Corp. receives $19 million contract for wireless LAN

Telos Corp. has received a $19 million contract on 16 June in Ashburn to install a wireless LAN at U.S. Air Force bases. Telos plans to include sites around the world in that already have wireless LAN…

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Findings Indicate Wireless Network Could Harm GPS Systems

The results of equipment tests conducted in Las Vegas indicate that LightSquared's proposed wireless broadband network would produce major interference with GPS systems. Changes to the proposal co…

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Combining Print and Mobile Marketing Technology

The world of advertising is getting shaken up by advances in mobile marketing technology . The latest trend involves using mobile devices to tie print and video campaigns together. These marketing str…

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Technology Trends to Improve Mobile Internet

The internet has expanded at a phenomenal rate in recent years. The access to the internet is increasingly available for households worldwide. In addition, the technology related to the internet has p…

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Get Yourself Out There on the Web – with NetworkingForPros.Com

Are you on the Web? Where?

A presence on the Web has quickly become an essential part of professional life in many fields. Whether you're a doctor or a dance teacher, a lawyer or a locksmith – w…

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Find It at Megashopper

Looking for a Palm Pre? There's a good chance you can find it on megashopper.

Whatever kind of electronic device (or peripheral for it) you may be looking for or considering, there's a good …

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Smile Shutter for Sony Ericsson and the Viral Puppies-and-Women Videos

There's a hilarious and creative video series going viral out there on Sony Ericsson's new Smile Shutter software.

The software evidently makes your camera snap a picture when it detects a …

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cellity Communicator Now Available

cellity Communicator, mobile software for any J2ME-enabled handset, allows you to not only send freeSMS using the Cellity service and make cheap calls, but it also gives you the ability to send and re…

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cellity Launches freeSMS Application on Facebook

cellity is taking the free SMS functionality from their mobile software and bringing it to Facebook, the second largest social networking site in the world. The application on Facebook has all the sam…


cellity A Hot App According to GetJar

If you've ever downloaded any mobile software, chances are you've downloaded a few applications from the GetJar service-I know that I have. GetJar is saying they've had over 200 million so…

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