Google to Mobile World: We’re Not the Big Bad Wolf…Really!

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Despite Google's Relentless PR campaign to position Android as the benevolent leader of "openness" in the mobile world, some executives and of course competitors are wary about its vile ambitions.

At the Mobile World Congress, Google mobile platforms group manager Rich Miner reiterated that the Android is harmless and will not bite anyone. In short, it's not the enemy. The Internet giant did not even set up a booth at this prestigious event, perhaps to emphasize its unbiased stance.

But that is not enough to convince a business executive who accused Google of "a land grab" for customers and advertising dollars. On top of that, rivals keep saying the open source model will not be secure enough for mobile consumers.

Naturally, every company entering any market is always eyeing for profits. Otherwise, it's not a good business decision. What is unfortunate is if these backbiting would deter the development of an open platform.

via NYT

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