Google Wants a Piece of Facebook’s Market

Google Wants a Piece of Facebook's Market

Social networking- unless you've been living in a cave, you know it's all the rage. From MySpace to Facebook to Twitter, the world loves to stay connected via the net. In that line of thinking, Google's decided it's time to get involved in this lucrative segment by launching a new service called Google Buzz.

The trouble is, Google may have bitten off a bit more than chew and its rivals (Yahoo and Microsoft) aren't being shy about lambasting the search engine giant as a result.

For starters Yahoo says that they already have a product called Buzz and that Google's name is stepping on their toes. Worse still is that initial reports indicate that users haven't been quick to jump on board with the new networking service which is yet linked to Gmail.

The service will also be available on iPhones, as well as mobile devices powered by the company's own Android mobile operating system. Only time will tell if Google's attempt to capitalize on the social networking phenomenon will prove lucrative.

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  1. Ann Julie Says:

    I don’t know if Google Buzz will be as good as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace but I would say it is a very clever move by Google to launch it straight away with it’s mobile operating system (Android). This move will get them the traffic they need and if services are good then “Word of Mouth” advertising would be enough to make it a hit along with other three social networking giants.

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