Multi Media Handbag from Bubble Gear

Multi Media Handbag from Bubble Gear

The line between technology and fashion continues to blur and the spate of convergence, started by LG's new Prada phone, has inspired other designers to join the fray. talk2myshirt, home base of wearable electronics, has featured a new Multi Media Fashion Handbag from Bubble Gear worth $399.95.

The new Multi Media Bag from Bubble Gear is definitely an attention magnet, whether playing a full length DVD movie, scrolling through digital pictures or listening to your new favorite MP3s, be prepared for a crowd of people who want to check out your seven-inch LCD screen that sits on the front of the bag.

Surprisingly lightweight, the Multi Media bag is filled with pouches and compartments for the things you need. The handbag includes a rechargeable lithium battery, two headphones, a car charger and an ultra slim remote control. Despite the hardware you still have plenty of space for all your every day junk.

Curious to know more about this so-called the next "it" bag, I hurriedly checked Bubble Gear's Website and here's what I found:

Bubble Gear has wowed the folks at Henri Bendel, YM Magazine, Russell Simmons, Joan Lunden, Diane Sawyer, Patricia Field, Miguel Wourgo at BET and countless others!

Bubble Gear has appeared in Reuters News Wire, The Grand Rapids Press, WZZM 13 Take Five, The Grand Rapids Magazine, Albuquerque The Mag, The New York Daily News, Wendy Williams Syndicated Radio Show,, CBS affiliate BET's 106&Park and BET's The Center. Bubble Gear has even caught the attention of The Late Show with Letterman and Good Morning America!

We now have Prada phones and now a Multi Media Handbag, I wonder what will be the future of this classy convergence. How about partnership with celebrities like Nike's Air Jordan? Are we going to see Cingular's Chris Tucker Wireless or Verizon's Jackie Chan cell phone in the future? Interesting…

Via talk2myshirt and Bubble Gear

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